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lila giggling

lila was REALLY giggling before i recorded her, but as i grab the camera to record and she pretty much stops!  if you turn up your speakers, you can actually hear her laughing. oh man it’s so darn adorable!! she loves kisses of course she’s to much into the camera to actually giggle anymore towards […]

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thankful continued.

day 14- i know this may sound weird, but i’m thankful for my eye sight. i was watching true life on mtv and there was an episode about 3 young adults going blind. one of them actually went into for his wisdom teeth to be pulled out and he woke up 3 months later from […]

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guess what?!?!

lookey what the fed-ex man brought me today?!?! my “the organic bloom” frames, yippie!!? i’m like a kid on christmas morning, trying to rip open the box to see my lovely frames these colors (below), including the pinks will be the colors in lila’s room..when we buy a house next spring. (yes you heard me […]

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newborn photography-rant

i decided a while back that i wanted to venture AWAY from newborn photography. even after having lila, i THOUGHT i would enjoy newborn photography a bit more..umm naah! newborn photography requires a lot of patience, lots of waiting, lots of heat, lots of sweating, lots of crying, lots of pooping/peeing on my stuff, lots […]

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PT session#3 update

physical therapy was eventful today! i learned a lot and now have TONS more homework to do with lila:)  i will admit, how a baby develops is pretty much amazing and a lot of times over looked (not on purpose by any means, the development can be so small a parent probably would  miss it!) and i’m […]

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