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Projects:Maine Wall Decor

so i’ve been an etsy fan lately. well i’ve always been a fan, but i’ve been skimming through the site and “pinning” my favorite ideas and i came across THIS idea! i’ve been needing some wall decor for the kitchen and thought this would look CAHHute in a white mat and 8×10 frame! on the etsy website, just to get a print of this puppy was $25 (not including shipping) and then add in the cost of the frame! probably would’ve run me close to $40. so for about a week now, i’ve been brainstorming what i could to make this! i had some left over credit on a vector website (from the business) and purchased the state of maine illustrator file. made it all white, saved it and then re-opened in photo-shop and change colors and added the heart (a free FONT i downloaded). i wanted it simple, but of course i had to write out maine. cute?! now printing. i would print it off at home, except it would take 100 gallons of ink  and that stuff is expensive! so i’m going to print it at staples for .59 tomorrow and buy a cheapo frame & mat and hang it up in the kitchen! my budget is no more then $10, so i’m saving $30 bucks! cheya!

i’ll hopefully have a second tomorrow to print and get the materials and i’ll take a picture! my husband is still talking about moving out to the mid-west..and if God decides to open doors in the future, i’ll def. be hanging this up in my kitchen! there’s no place like home:)

in all this took me 1 hour to make. don’t judge..i’m no illustrator expert. actually when i took the class in college, i cringed at the idea of illustrator every time the professor mentioned or made us work in it! yuck!

i went with browns, because my kitchen is rustic maine theme. you know.. bears, moose and rustic wood.