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iphoneography: We did it!

yes, we did it! we made it to church last sunday. Yaay!

lila was pretty much perfect, besides a few choice words and some wiggling..she sat through all the music and preaching up until about the last five minutes and that’s when i took her into the nursery to change her diaper and let her get some energy out. i’m hoping we can climb out our cave next sunday and make it to church again, of course that will depend on my husbands work schedule.

here’s a few instagram photo’s of our last few days adventures.

we went out for lunch after church. of course my husband forgot to pack a bib, so if you live in maine and eating at a seafood restaurant..it only makes sense to wear a lobster bib! duuuhh?!

lila laying with the in laws cat rascal. who actually weighs around the same poundage as lila! ha!

old school. hahahaha! i don’t think my husband can be anymore of a geek then in this photo!! at least his hair was cut:)cute family photo i’d say!

the child develoment therapist came for a visit yesterday. lila was NOT in the mood for anything during her visit, but later on we sat lila up in her new play desk and she loved it! she’s sitting up all by herself in the picture!

i made an A- on my english lit. paper about lila’s birth! i actually had to read it to the class and i started to cry..can we say¬†embarrassing?!?! seriously, the crying just came out of no where or else i would have stopped it. i plan to pack it away in lila’s baby book, so one day she can read her crazy/amazing birthday!

accounting is getting harder. yuck. does anyone else understand this?? i keep reminding myself, after this semester i’m only 7-8 classes away from my BA degree and then i’m heading off to my masters!! i’m getting there slowly:)

hope you all had a lovely weekend too!