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Personal Stuff: Park Time!

today was slightly warmer, so we decided to bring lila to our local park right next to the ocean. i thought some salt air would do our lungs some good (and our cabin fever:).

lila was a bit over-tired or better yet didn’t have a nap..so she really wasn’t interested in our adventures. but hey, at least she got some fresh air! ahh warmth. spring is coming quick this year, can’t wait!

here’s a few images..for my husband.

dane- “you need to update your blog (personal blog) more. there’s nothing to look at now that village soup isn’t up anymore”
me- “you live with me, everything i post you already know”

don’t mind my crazy gym hair:)

on another note, we’re off to portland maine tomorrow. we will be seeing 3 doctors for check ups, well two of the appointments are check ups. we see our eye specialist. please pray that lila’s eyes are healthy and growing. then we see the neurologist. please pray that we lower one of her meds, we want to see some more energy in lila. and then we see our second opinion geneticsĀ counselor. please pray for their knowledge and that they have good news for lila’s future siblings.

thank you from the bottom of our hearts. doctor’s appointments get me all nerved up. i feel like i’m waiting for a grade from a super hard exam i studied for, except more serious. ugh.

have a lovely evening everyone!:)