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Personal Stuff:Owls Head State Park

i’ve blogged TONS of visits to owls head state park, it’s one of my favorites!

lila’s been sick for almost a week straight and we found out she has an ear infection, back on antibiotics she goes! she’s been inside the house for the entire time, and since her fever broke today..we took her for a VERY short walk to the light house. she was laughing and smiling the entire time!! she’s the type of kid that LOVES to be on the go, do things, see things..and being at home is really starting to make her super bored. hurry up summer!!

anyways it’s been a bit quiet in the jackson home lately. between lila’s sickness, winter returning, and school vaca..we’ve been at home, with nothing to do! i’ve been going stir crazy lately…that 90 degree week a few weeks ago was a complete tease!! summer will come…it will come:)

school starts again this week. lila starts pool and music classes this week. and over all, it’s going to be a busy week! finally.

do you see the “spot the lighthouse dog” marker? we purchased our sweet emma this BOOK¬†for a fun read & to educate her on where her daddy was born, raised and now lives..maine! it’s a super adorable book..i highly recommend the read:)

and the famous light house shot!

i’m finally purchasing another canon camera tomorrow..can’t freaken wait!! i’ve been tip toeing around the one i have now, because i don’t have a back up. ugh. all my poor lenses have a lovely coat of winter dust on them..so i have to get a new lens cleaning kit to get ready for this spring/summer shooting! i’m so excited to get back to photographing again! ahh my passion..i pretty much puffy heart photography:)