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Personal Stuff:The girls

i was organizing some old pictures this evening (yes i make an evening out of it..i love memories:) and ran across some photo’s during my husbands first trip to see emma. she was around 15 months old. i have to say, i had to do a double take of emma because lila and her are starting to look alike! i was fully convinced that lila was my “mini me”, but after looking at emma’s 15 months pictures..i’m now starting to question my husbands dominating genetic abilities! ha! the only differences i see is, well emma is a blonde and lila is a brunette..and because of lila’s genetic oops, she has smaller features (ie nose/ears)..but the same shape!

they are the sweetest little girls! they even share the same facial expressions! ha!

the count down is on….3 more weeks until we travel to iowa to visit with emma! i’m excited! ¬†we haven’t seen emma for over a year now and that’s FAR to long to go without seeing each other…ugh. i’m ready to get our family back together again, even if it’s for a short time. i wish iowa was closer to maine, like the next state over….it’s soo hard on my husband to be away from his little girl. some days skype just doesn’t cut it, even though emma is a awesome skyper!!! it’s far better to be with each other in person…and a lot more fun to take pictures:) –though this time, i’m going to try my hardest to take less pictures and more time playing with the girls together. my mommy n law will do all the picture taking!:)