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Product Review:The Restaurant Chair

since it’s 5am and lila is WIDE awake, i thought to give my review on a recent purchase for the girl.

you can find the chair HERE! literally the best investment yet, and ya it’s $40. since baby jackson will be arriving in 4ish months, i had to come up with a way to go out to eat and not leave lila in the know make her apart of the family at the table! so i looked and looked for a booster chair with a harness and came across this one..LOVE! the only thing that annoys me about it, is one of the should straps drop a little and it makes lila want to lean to that side. other then that lila is save and snug in it..and now can be the social butterfly that she is.. at the table or flirt with the guy waiters, whatever her heart desires;)ha!