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Blog Stalk:Super Nova

the other night, when i couldn’t sleep, i was snooping on instagram:) i love looking up the hashtags and decided i’d search #NICU because i hashtagged a couple of lila’s NICU pictures a few days ago. i then ran into this sweet little girl named nova (aka super nova), spending her days in the NICU. […]

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Blog Stalk:Secure ALL your Furniture!

if you have young children, you might want to head over to this BLOG and read the mommy’s story about how she lost her sweet 3 year old daughter 8 years ago. be forewarned  it’s a sad and unfortunate story..BUT a good way to educate others on why it’s a MUST to secure all your furniture […]

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Blog Stalk: “Should we have another baby?”

i’ve been questioning this since lila was 6 months old. the thought has gone over and over and over again in my head. the pro’s. the con’s. the “what if’s.” the “can i afford this?” …and the list goes on. check out this BLOG that i found a few weeks ago. it’s mainly for dad’s, […]

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Oh Chromosomes: “Bloom”

i’ve been following Kelle’s BLOG for almost a year now. her and her family has been such a big inspiration in my life with lila and her special needs.when i found out she wrote a book called, bloom  (click HERE for more details) i got so excited! see, she has a daughter with special needs and has so […]

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Blog Stalk:Heaven’s little drummer boy.

this morning i got up, grabbed some breakfast and did my usual blog stalking. yes i’m a stalker and proud of it:) anyways i ran across one of the sweet mom’s blog that i’ve mentioned on this blog a time or two. she has a son with EB and he’s had it for almost 3 […]

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