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family video’s. new signs.

the dude is learning new signs and now starting to put two signs together! today, it was “more, please”. i’m one proud mama! he’s catching on quick, so i’ve been trying to add more signs every week. i’m hoping lila will catch on to “more” and “all done” so she can communicate with ALL of […]

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family video’s. jude lately.

jude is growing and learning so SOO much these days! i’ve been trying to teach him sign language for the past 3-4 months and lately, he’s really starting to actually understand it! i plan to teach him as much sign as i can, because we’re hoping that maybe one day that will be lila’s way […]

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family video’s. dancing and eating.

this boy, cracks me up! every single time he hears any music (even on the TV), he’ll start dancing. whether he standing, sitting or in crawl position, hilarious! he’s been dancing for awhile now, but the during the other nights dinner-omg. he’s so dang CUTE!

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