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kid stuff. baby food.

i’ve been asked about baby food lately.what do i use to make it? how do i make it? any recommendations? i’ve been making baby food for TWO years now, because lila still eats puree’s. so, i should be a pro by now. right? first thing first, i recommend THIS website. it’s literally the bible for […]

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Kid Stuff:The Shell

we’ve been home for a week today! wow. it’s been a roller coaster ride, with super high highs and some lows-but the journey has been amazing! we are blessed. in the meanwhile, i’ve been nursing and it’s been ROUGH! everyone warned me it was going to be hard, and i was somewhat mentally prepared for […]

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Kid Stuff: Asparagus & Broccoli {Baby Food}

i’ve been exploring other baby food options for my sweet li lately. since lila lacks major tones in her mouth, she still eats stage 3 foods, (ie cottage cheese chunky) and will be for a while to come too. plus she only has 2.5 teeth in her mouth, which is probably from both her genetic […]

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Kid Stuff:Moms & Pictures

i ran into this post on facebook this morning. click HERE to read! it’s about a mommy expressing her feelings about being in pictures with her children. wow, isn’t this the truth or what?! i’m completely guilting of being the picture taker, being the one that feels fat/ugly/icky to be in pictures with my babes […]

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