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oh chromosomes. i run 4 lila.

  if you notice above, that’s the country netherlands (aka holland). my friend on FACEBOOK is running for lila this year! eeeks! the way that folks give (running, money, gifts, their time, spreading the word) to lila, is so heart warming. we’re blessed. i promise to update more on this little project soon, we’re EXCITED! […]

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lila lou lou. happy 3rd birthday.

tomorrow is a big day in the jackson home. lila turns three. 3. oh my gosh, THREEEEEEE! i suppose, i should write a little something, something. a little brag sesh is coming. a year ago tonight, my water broke. our bags weren’t even packed, ha! and the procrastinator in me always wins out. 15ish hours […]

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lila lou lou. the big cut.

after much debate, dane and i decided to chop lila’s hair off. ideally we wanted our girls to have long hair, but because lila isn’t mobile or even sitting the odds of rats nests were all day, EVERY day.i swear at times i would have to re-fix her hair on the hour. sigh. i have […]

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