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personal stuff. the 7 year itch.

circa. 2008 jewel dale photography. 7 years?! 7 YEARS!? i know that’s nothing compared to 30, 40, 50 year anniversaries-but 7 YEARS! crazy. technically danes been apart of my life for almost 9 years and that feels like a lifetime. it’s been a crazy 7 years, especially the last 3 of those 7 years. he’s […]

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personal stuff. uneventful.

we’re nearing the end of february. can’t say i’m sad about this, i absolutely dislike february and so glad it’s the shortest month of the year! life, as we know it, has been super uneventful and i couldn’t be anymore happy! lila has been healthy (knocking on wood), yaaaaa! i’m praying HARD that she continues […]

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personal stuff. 2014.

so this time last year, i was looking forward to leaving 2012 behind and going into 2013. hoping for an exciting and happy year. well the first 5 months was amazing! jude was born, lila stayed healthy and life was uneventful. then from may-december 2013, life was chaos. life was stressful. life was in some […]

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personal stuff.not again.

pneumonia, it’s been a fad in this house ALL summer long. lila is currently on pneumonia¬†#3 . when the doctor said that word a few days ago, my insides cried out. just getting pneumonia once in your life is rough, but 3 times in THREE months?!?!?!?!?! lila’s lungs have taken a beating, a really bad […]

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personal stuff.chaos.

when i was pregnant with lila, i always wanted to meet THAT mom that did it all and kept her sanity. well i met her this past week. me. you might notice my lack of blogging lately? because i’m in chaos, complete and utter chaos and i have no idea when it when it will […]

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