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my job:big changes.

lately, or actually in the past few years, my heart has been drifting. drifting away from portrait & wedding photography. i’ve been contemplating it, and been all over the place whether to stay photographing or go into a different direction. i’ve been photographing people for 6 WHOLE years. i have a well established business. i absolutely adore […]

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My Job: Mommy Time

seems like the only time i get alone “mommy time” is when i have to work:) ha! that’s ok though, because i pretty much wouldn’t accept any other excuse to be away from my lila..except to work. anyways my lovely husband is my advertiser and on the way to north haven he put up some […]

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My Job: Maine Baby Treats

a few weeks ago i photographed my friend Jill’s stroller in town rockport. she makes the coverings for the bugaboo strollers (i reeeeaalllyyy want a bugaboo stroller!). she’s so darn talented with that sewing machine i tell ya! you can check out her website HERE! and the leather came from THIS company!

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My Job: Eye Opener

last week i was doing my daily blog stalking and ran into my favorite photographer of all time–lauren clark! i started following her in the fall of 2007, just after i got my first DSLR camera. i loved her photo’s, and her life. her adventures seemed like so much fun and i looked forward to […]

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guess what?!?!

lookey what the fed-ex man brought me today?!?! my “the organic bloom” frames, yippie!!? i’m like a kid on christmas morning, trying to rip open the box to see my lovely frames these colors (below), including the pinks will be the colors in lila’s room..when we buy a house next spring. (yes you heard me […]

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